Gmasking Morbid Latex Dairy Cow Head Mask Halloween

Moo! Graze the fields this halloween looking out for monsters and killers in this cow head mask. Silly animal mask can be used on halloween and whenever else you feel like getting weird!Latex dairy cow material have no other impurities,with high elasticity, the better workmanship, very soft and comfortable, smell well, seem lifelike – – hand painted, with many fine details.

1.Material: natural latex – environmentally friendly materials;
2.100% pure natural latex from Malaysia and harmless to the body health.
3.Fits most adult heads;
4.How do you see? Through the dairy cow mask’s the eyes holes or the mouth holes;

Warning: please don’t use our dairy cow masks if you are allergic to latex.We also advise against using our masks if you are allergic to any type of rubber or paint based product.

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