Apr 11

Gmasking Latex Rooster Cock Full Mask Halloween Costume

Let the world know who is ruling the roost cock – wear a rooster full mask made of latex and airbrush painted for a realistic look. Our rooster full mask may not have feathers, but the indispensable wattles, ear lobes and comb are all there in bright red.

Our rooster full mask made of latex has such a large beak opening that you can see through it. The beak is approx. 7 cm long from the neck to the edge of the lower half. cock a doodle doo!

1.Made from eco-friendly natural latex;
2.100% pure natural latex from Malaysia and harmless to the health;
3.Fits most adult heads;
4.It is easy to see out while wearing.You can see through the rooster cock mouth holes.
10.Occasion: masquerade parties, gifts, costume parties, carnival, christmas, easter, new years eve party, halloween, etc.

Chicken Head Mask

Chicken Head Mask