Mar 24

Gmasking Street Musician Latex Monkey Head Mask

If apes ruled the world, they would all soon start to look like this one. Wrinkled and waxy skin, rings around the eyes, and facial hair loss are all signs of too much stress and worry. But that’s not likely to happen any time soon – and if it does we’ll all be bananas anyway!

1.Material: natural latex – environmentally friendly materials;
2.100% pure natural latex and harmless to the body health;
3.Fits most adult heads;
4.How do you see? Through the monkey mask’s eyes holes;

Latex monkey mask is perfect for masquerade parties, gifts, costume parties, carnival, bitthday party, easter, new years eve party, halloween, etc.Fits most adult heads.

Mar 18

Youtumall Deluxe Chimpanzee/Chimp Adult Mask

Go bananas and monkey around in this deluxe, detailed chimpanzee mask! This authentic animal mask is carved with classic chimp features and wild black fur. Add on the matching shirt, feet, and gloves for a total head to toe authentic ape look.

Chimpanzee mask for adults skin color, made of plastic, 100% pure natural latex and harmless to the body health, one size.

Chimpanzee mask product detail:
1.Skin color: black
2.Detail infos: holes for eyes, mouth and nose, complete face mask with fake hair
3.It is easy to see out while wearing.You can see through the chimp adult mask eyes holes.
4.Warning: mask is an accessoire for adults and not a toy for kids.