FAQ & Safe

Some Mask FAQ Show Here:

1.Warning: please don’t use our masks if you are  allergic to latex.We also advise against using our masks if you are allergic to any type of rubber or paint based product.

2.Our masks are designed and universally sized for adults. If in the possession of children, supervision should be carried out at all times.

3.After putting the mask on your head, your eyes may not match the eye holes instantly.  Do not panic or tweak the nose, eyes and mouth with your fingertips as this can cause a tear. Adjust the settlement of the mask on your face with your finger cushions and palms of your hands.

4.Do not place the mask on or near any electrical appliances including lamp units. Keep away from fire and never put your mask on a radiator or heater. We recommend storing your mask in a dark place at room temperature.

Any question contact us: wholesale@youtumall.com

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