Gmasking Realistic Latex Monkey King Masks

We are professional OEM manufacturer specializing in rubber latex mask for more than 3years.Our customers are all over the world. We will provide you our best price and service.We have professional teams who make your designs, photos, imagines and OEM orders into real production.

Whether Halloween, your next theme party or a Carnival street parade – transform into a monkey king. This monkey mask with high elasticity, the better workmanship, very soft and comfortable, smell well, seem lifelike.This crocodile or alligator mask is made in nature latex to show all the realistic detail.

1.Material: natural latex – environmentally friendly materials;
2.100% pure natural latex and harmless to the body health;
3.Fits most adult heads;
4.How do you see? Through the latex monkey king mask’s eyes holes;

Monkey King Masks

Monkey King Masks

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