Gmasking Ferocious Fangs Latex Werewolf Mask Costume

People will scatter when they see you in the ferocious fangs brown werewolf mask. This mask features long ears and tufts of hair around the border of a vicious face. Furrowed brow, flared nostrils, and a snarling open mouth expression make up this classic costume.

Perfect for masquerade parties, gifts, game, costume parties, carnival, bitthday party, easter, new years eve party, halloween,etc.

1.Material: natural latex – environmentally friendly materials;
2.100% pure natural latex from Malaysia and harmless to the body health.
3.Fits most adult heads;
4.How do you see? Through the dairy creepy werewolf mask’s the eyes holes;

Creepy Werewolf Mask

Creepy Werewolf Mask

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