Gmasking Animal Latex Panda Halloween Mask Costume

Do you want something that will set your costume apart from all the others this Halloween? Well there is nothing like this Panda Halloween Mask to set your costume apart from the rest.

This Panda Halloween Mask comes in one size that fits most adult males. The latex Halloween Mask features a panda head with great detail in the eyes, nose and other facial features. It has two eyeholes so that you can see out of it. Everyone knows that accessories can make or break a costume, so this year make it happen.

1.Material: natural latex – environmentally friendly materials;
2.100% pure natural latex from Malaysia and harmless to the body health;
3.Fits most adult heads;
4.How do you see? Through the latex panda mask’s the eyes holes;
10.10.Occation:Perfect for masquerade parties, gifts, game, costume parties, carnival, bitthday party, easter, new years eve party, halloween,etc.

Panda Head Mask

Panda Head Mask

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