Gmasking Dapple Latex White Horse Mask Prop

We’ve discovered yet another universal truth – a person wearing a white Horse Head Mask looks downright disturbing. But don’t take our word for it, wear this latex mask with realistic fur to your next social function and watch as people scramble to avoid you,or liven up the your next theme party, Halloween, or Carnival street parade. Fits most adult heads. Bagged with an illustrated tag. Please look for the Off the Walls Tag to ensure it’s the real deal.

1.The original latex mask – hand painted, with synthetic hair mane.
2.Material: natural latex;
3.100% pure natural latex and harmless to the health;
4.Fits most adult heads;
5.How do you see? Through the horse head mask’s mouth holes or nose holes;

I think the white horse is best gifts to make your party with your friends.

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