Youtumall Brown Creepy Latex Wolf Head Mask Costume

Brown creepy wolf head mask costume is more freaky and creepy costume for masquerade parties, gifts, costume parties, carnival, bitthday party, easter, halloween, etc.

Please focus on our material, the head mask was producted by the natural latex of import environmental protection, 100% pure natural latex and harmless to the body health.

Youtumall Wolf Head Mask Features:

1.Made from eco-friendly natural latex;
2.100% pure natural latex from Malaysia and harmless to the health;
3.Fits most adult heads;
4.It is easy to see out while wearing,you can see through the latex wolf mouth or the eyes holes.

Warning: please don’t use our wolf masks if you are allergic to latex.We also advise against using our masks if you are allergic to any type of rubber or paint based product.

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